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Advanced Materials for Energy and Environment group

Welcome to the Ting Research Group. Under the leadership of Professor Valeska Ting, our team—composed of diligent researchers stationed at the University of Bristol (UK) and the Australian National University (Australia)—is dedicated to devising cutting-edge solutions for sustainable energy and environmental issues. Our wide-ranging expertise encompasses chemical, mechanical, and materials engineering, empowering us to explore and develop hierarchical porous materials, acoustic metamaterials of reduced weight, and environmentally friendly strategies for plastic recycling. Our work is as wide as it is deep, exploring innovative strategies for hydrogen storage, examining superconductivity, developing sustainable catalysts for environmental remediation, and crafting lightweight composite metamaterials for sound applications. With numerous accolades attesting to our excellence, we are at the leading edge of materials science research, propelling transformative innovations for a greener, sustainable future.

Latest News

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